Ad te levavi animam meam




This site contains some resources and information for the use of the members of the St. Winefride's Chant Group and anyone else who is interested in joining us in singing some of the ancient music of the Church.


My aim is to pull together links to lots of useful stuff in order to cut down on photocopying and to make the practice materials easily available.   Particularly useful links are:


Giovanni Vianini- beautiful renderings by Giovanni Vianini of a vast array of chant.


Chant from the Liber Usualis - very useful for practice but watch out because the monks don't always sing exactly what is on the page!


Monks of Sao Paulo - this is a very useful (but disorganised) site that pulls together a lot of chant examples.  The recordings are home made and sound quality is not good but they have a great spirituality. This site doesn't seem to have been updated for years so I suppose it might suddenly disappear.  Catch it while you can.


Musica Sacra - excellent professional  site that is packed with good stuff.



Who are we? 


A group of parishioners interested in learning to sing plainchant  both for our own pleasure - and in order to enhance the liturgy and familiarise our parishioners - especially the younger ones - with some of the ancient riches of the Church.


We usually practice on a Thursday at 6pm either in The Cwps, Llanbadarn Road, or in St. Winefride's church.


We are always looking for new members, so if you have a good voice and enjoy singing then please come along to a practice and see if what we do appeals to you. Being able to read music is an advantage but not absolutely necessary - chant has its own musical notation anyway.


Contact:    Mike Maloney

                   Will Mahon



What's New?


I've added links to all the Credos.  This was prompted by singing Credo IV at St Etheldreda's , Ely Place on 2nd Sunday of Advent at a beautiful Mass with all the chant propers sung by a professional choir.


I noticed that some of the links have broken - if anyone notices

links that don't work then email me and I'll link to another source.


Alleluia Corner


We sang the Alleluia for the Epiphany and Baptism of the Lord.

We can now sing this Mode II one when it comes up. It is also in your Parish Chant Book.




Christmas Day Mass

The Epiphany

Baptism of the Lord

Conversion of St. Paul (Jan 25th)

Nativity of John the Baptist (24th June) 

Ss. Peter and Paul (29th June)


I think we should learn to sing this one next.  It is in Mode VIII

and is also in the Parish Chant Book.




Dominus regnavit      3rd Sunday in ordinary time.

Lauda, anima mea   29th Sunday in ordinary time.

Ostende nobis           1st Sunday in Advent.


Find the text in the Gregorian Missal on the appropriate Sunday.


Also I like this one Cantate Domino. for the 6th Sunday in ordinary time - this falls on Feb 16th this year - outside of Lent so we could sing it.  All the other propers for this day are those for Quinquagesima Sunday.  Music on Page 454 of the Gregorian Missal.  


Another one we should learn for next year is Multifarie for the feast of Mary Mother of God (1st Jan). Taking melismata to the

limit! (Mode VII Page 210 in GM).









Next practice 


We will be singing this Sunday (22nd) and then taking a break for Christmas.  Next practice will be 9th January.  However I'm hoping to sing at the New Year's Day 6pm Mass , the Feast of Mary Mother of God, as we did last year. So come along if you are around and help us out.  Order of service and practice link is below.




All practices are at The Cambria, Room 108 from now on.  

(Opposite the Pier)


6pm on Thursdays


We are looking at 4th Sundays in Advent and Mary Mother of God (1st Jan). Maybe Epiphany etc.


Orders of service:


4th Sunday

Mary Mother of God


Baptism of the Lord


Practice Links:


4th Sunday

Mary Mother of God


Baptism of the Lord



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  • Credo I (Advent and Pascal-tide)
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  • All Masses of the liturgical year (NO)
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  • General Chants.
  • Liber Usualis 1961 
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    A Chant Calendar 


    Some ideas for the coming year.


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